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Curtains and draperies play an essential role when it comes to furnishing your home, office or any place that supports a significant position for showcasing and creating an inevitable first impression on your guests. Their repair and installation is all the more important to make sure that they would not fall down creating any exceptionable situation to make you feel embarrassed in front of your customers. And, especially when you want to get your curtain tracks repaired, have them installed or want some work on your curtains’ trails, you should obtain a trustworthy service that is affordable for you. that is, where PJ Curtains and Blinds comes in to save the day!


PJ curtains and blinds assures you of a high quality, super-fast service that will make you want to choose us for every curtain-repairing problem. We offer you affordable curtain repair service in Mount Waverly.

Curtains Mount Waverley

Our clients who have put their trust on us for our services are our true driving forces; their invaluable trust is our strength that has helped us move on through all these years from our inception. They know they can conveniently come to us for all their problems regarding curtain repair in Mount Waverly.

Whether you have designed, theatrical or workplace curtains, call us for a complete take down to re-hang service, to ensure that you protect and extend the life of your curtains with the specialist care and attention that they deserve.

We will not ask you to drain your pockets to pay us for our services, or scare you with huge expenses that follow the curtain repair services, by most of the furnishing companies. In fact, we want you to be relaxed instead of freaking out when choosing a good curtain repair service. We know how important it is to refurbish your house and that is one task that is mostly dominated by curtains and draperies in the house, or office.

Our curtain repair Mount Waverly service is an all-time winner in every aspect. We have been able to create a huge following and have received immense appreciation in term of referrals from those who have become our fans after getting our reference from their close friends and/or relatives. We guarantee you the best service in Mount Waverly with our quick, on-time and light on the pocket service.

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